Emergency Medicine

With the HealthCare Simulation Center

Learning Objectives

  • Exploring medical careers

  • Having a plan of action in an emergency situation

  • Learning CPR, how to apply a tourniquet, and intubate

The Experience

Greenville HealthCare Simulation Center creates a day-long experience for Benjamin Franklin Experience students to provide a glimpse into emergency medicine. In a hands-on training environment typically limited to medical students, BFE teens are led through exercises demonstrating how to:

  • intubate a patient not breathing;
  • perform CPR; and
  • apply a tourniquet.

Working on high-tech simulators capable of breathing, bleeding, blinking, and talking, students learn how they could take meaningful action during a medical emergency. They also gain exposure to the incredible field of medicine through a team of passionate and highly-accomplished experts.

Students Say…


I realized I might want to be a physician’s assistant.


In the last year of high school I kind of pigeonholed myself saying, I can’t go to medical school. Now I’m looking at that in a new way and considering it as an opportunity. Maybe I can go to medical school.


My joy today was learning how to do CPR, so now I feel like Superman.



Meet the remarkable team from Greenville Health System who gave their time and talent to BFE’s bright young leaders.

Steven Trocha, MD FACS
Surgical Oncology

Phil Head, BHS, NRP, CCP
Manager EMT Program

Alli Lehane,
Medical Student

Aaron Dix NRP, MBA
Director Simulation Education

Anthony Thome

Teddy Stoikov,
Medical Student

Dean Douglas, MHA
EMT Instructor

John Hanna,
Medical Student