Benjamin Franklin Experience pairs talented teens with dedicated and knowledgeable mentors. This is a chance for you to share your knowledge and expertise with bright young adults.

Our mentorship program possesses the ability to expand students’ horizons and even change their lives. We cannot do it without your help.

* 2-Minute Introductory Video

Connecting You With Our Students

We invite you to participate in experiences alongside students. We match the hobbies and interests students indicated on their applications with yours. Examples of student interests include agriculture, music, cooking, sports, engineering, real estate, and many more. Interactions between students and mentors occur in open public spaces, allowing students to connect with mentors in a manner that is comfortable and safe.

Sound amazing? We would love for you to mentor our students.

2019 Opportunities to Mentor Students

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There are 2 Steps to Sign Up!


To connect you with students who have similar interests and talents, please complete our basic-information form and include what dates and experiences you are interested in participating in.

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding to step 2 we will email or call you to confirm availability for the days you’re interested in participating. We will also answer questions and provide additional information to help insure your visiting-mentor experiences are absolutely wonderful.


$63 covers the cost of running your requisite background check, lunch, snacks, and printed materials.

$100 helps the Benjamin Franklin Experience move the needle forward just a little bit.