The Art of Improv

With Alchemy Comedy Theatre

Learning Objectives

  • Enhancing creativity with on-the-spot thinking

  • Gaining confidence speaking in front of large groups

  • Expressing unique personality traits

The Experience

Alchemy Comedy Theatre is Greenville’s destination for weekly improv, stand up, and sketch comedy. Located inside Coffee Underground, a popular cafe in the heart of downtown, Alchemy Comedy Theatre’s live, energetic shows feature different local performers and special guests each week. Alchemy also hosts private workshops for businesses looking to build unity, trust, and creativity within their corporate teams.

BFE students are introduced to Harrison Brookie, founder of Alchemy Theatre. Harrison entertains and encourages students in the art of improv comedy along with Dr. Stephanie Brooke Provost Johnston.

“In Improv, there are no wrong answers,” explains Harrison. No matter what crazy thing pops out of someone’s mouth, actors and actresses must go with the flow of the performance. Unlike traditional theatre, improv comedy is completely unscripted. In a collaborative team effort, actors make up the dialogue and a plotline on the spot.”


I really enjoyed learning things about improv that I can apply to life. I think improv is like practicing life.


In the last year of high school I kind of pigeonholed myself saying, I can’t go to medical school. Now I’m looking at that in a new way and considering it as an opportunity. Maybe I can go to medical school.


My joy today was learning how to do CPR, so now I feel like Superman.


Stepping Outside Comfort Zones!!

Harrison and Brooke demonstrate creative methods for helping students discover and gain confidence. While standing in a wide circle on the stage, Harrison asks students to choose a memorable adjective that bests describes them. Adjectives can be silly or serious, and can describe students or a persona they want to try on, such as “Gunslinger George.” Although students are hesitant to literally step outside the safety of the circle, Harrison and Brooke’s patience, kindness, and infectious silliness helps students overcome any initial shyness within their group of peers and visiting-mentors.

Additional exercises throughout the day give students newfound knowledge and confidence. Students and visiting-mentors leave this unforgettably fun experience with deepened understanding of team-building, generosity, trust, confidence, and bravery in creativity.