Technical, Business, and Creative Writing

With Professional Writers and Editors

Learning Objectives

  • Developing business communication skills

  • Understanding the nuances of technical writing  

  • Expressing voice through creative writing

The Experience

The professional world requires capable writers in almost every field who excel in business, technical, academic, copy/content, and creative writing. During this experience, students explore their talents and affinity for each of these writing types.

At M. Judson’s, an inviting local bookstore in the historic Symphony Center, students meet co- instructors, Jess Dennis, who has been both a technical writer/designer and editor during her twenty-year communications career—and Bo Bryan, an award-winning Southern writer and novelist and poet.

Exploring Styles

Jess and Bo lead students through a series of fast-paced exercises that enhance students’ creativity and quick-thinking. Students practice sharing ideas in front the group, which requires everyone to step outside of their comfort zones.

Drawing writing types, characters, and prompts from a hat, students spend time writing, then share their work with the group, demonstrating the differences between writing types. They also write in others’ voices before taking on the greatest challenge in creative writing—writing with their own authentic voices.

Students quickly overcome their anxiety about sharing their writing, revealing their talents, creativity, and imagination with surprising, wonderful storytelling.