Non-Verbal Communication With Ryan Beck

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the power of non-verbal communication

  • Gaining practical skills in interviewing, and learning to project confidence

  • Reading the body language and facial expressions of others when communicating

The Experience

Ryan Beck is a former linguist and Army interrogator who continues to apply his knowledge of kinesics—the study of body movements, gestures, facial expressions as a means of communication—to the world of business. Ryan is the founder and principal of Beck Digital, a digital marketing firm.

In the beautiful and expansive event space, Zen, Ryan demonstrates the use of specific gestures and expressions to students before they practice what they have learned with each other. Students get tips on interviewing, active listening, and projecting confidence—invaluable skills that they will give them a leg up as they enter the business world. Ryan also offers techniques on how to use body language to diffuse confrontation and convey a willingness to communicate—invaluable skills students can use in every aspect of their personal lives as well.


It was cool learning all of the different things that go into an interview. I never considered how deeply the interviewer is analyzing you.


A joy was getting feedback from the instructor about how to improve my posture and learning how people would perceive me differently.


It was really interesting to learn how many tiny, subtle things go into a person’s body language that others can read and pick up on.



Deadline: Midnight Tuesday, ​April 30, 2019

for Summer 2018! Only 60 spots available.
“Career aspirations are all about students’ immediate influences”